CMP Photo Specialist


What does a Photo Specialists do?

We help you find solutions to your photo management needs. As part of our desire to help you preserve your family's memories, we believe it is important to have a system in place. A system that makes it easy to find the images you want when you want or need them. Unfortunately, many families realize, sometimes too late, that the memories they took the time to capture were never properly preserved. Now, their children have grown up, milestone occasions have come and gone, and special relationships have quietly slipped away. 


We can help by showing you the best organizational and protection methods for storing and managing your photo libraries. Then, we will suggest beautiful custom products that will help you showcase and share your favorite memories.


Our Services Include:

  • Sorting, scanning and organizing your printed photographs and memorabilia.
  • Restoring damaged photographs (click to view examples)
  • Design custom products 




We Can Help If:

  • You have photographs loosely stored in drawers or stuffed in shoeboxes.
  • Your heirloom family photographs are in albums that are falling apart with pages stuck together and turning yellow.
  • You have digital images stored on your computer's hard drive that are not backed up to external drive.

  Contact us to get started preserving your family's memories.